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Veselin Mihaylov – integral couch

Veselin Mihaylov – integral couch

EFT – ADV consultant

NLP - Master

Free breathing and body-work instructor

Group master

Veselin Mihaylov starts his self-improvement with sports activity. He deeply explores the bond body-mind-soul. That leads him to learning and practicing of Korean, Japanese and Chinese combat-arts, their philosophy and spiritual principles. He becomes a TaeKwonDo-master, learns from the wisdom of the ancient Samurai art Katori-Shinto Ru, practices Chi-Gun. His journey leads him to yoga-practices, self-training, energy-medicine, meditations, “The Silva” method, the Shamanic energy treatment, seminars and trainings in self-improvement, learning spiritual studies and other methods which help self-improvement and self-learning. He understands that the road to inner integrity is a curative process thanks to the developed skills. His inspiration to share his experience leads him to the area of personal-consulting, integral-couching and group-facilitating and teaching.

Veselin has the following additional qualifications: EFT-ADV consultant, energy psychology, NLP master-degree, graduated Hypnotherapy and Regressive therapy, professionally trained in the British Association of Clinical Hypnosis, certified as an Free-Breathing Instructor in the International Association of Free Breathing, certified in Shaman treatment, Yoga-laugh instructor.