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Deian Kolev

Деян Колев

Deian Kolev was born in 1974 in the city of Lovech, Bulgaria. He has been different in many aspects since his youth – he remembers his rebirths and his life in the constellations of Sirius and Orion.

As a seeker of the truth and wisdom, he еxplores the work of the world’s greatest spiritual leaders.

He’s an active heeler and visionary since the age of 20. He uses his powers to help people. But his desire for developing his powers and abilities, lead him to the most responsible mission in his life – be the energetic guardian of Bulgaria. Deian Kolev dedicates his life to stopping earthquakes, sending energetic beams to the whole country, which creates Bulgaria’s Mer-Ka-Ba.

He graduates the “BA – D. A. Cenov”, Svishtov. His specialty is Marketing and Advetisement. At that time he unites his first groups of people and educates them in using energies. He makes contacts with his spiritual leaders.


He imports the Russian “Aura Camera” in Bulgaria for the first time. Because ot this unique device, which purpose is to prove the existence of Indigo people, he becomes their most enthusiastic seeker in Bulgaria.

The Rei-Ki Master Deian Kolev is the founder of the “Sirius 2018 Foundation”, which purpose is to collect resources and donations for creating 3 spiritual centers in Bulgaria.

Indigo-people will develop their abilities and will be trained in them.

“The Galactic Center Sirius 2018” was created in 2011. Deian Kolev works with Aura-Camera and Quantum analyst for early health-diagnosis. He cleans negative energies and influences, which only “Aura Camera” can see., builds energetic protections using 8-13 chakra system and applies “The Sirius method” which combines spirit, body and soul. He learned this method from his family from the constellations of Sirius.

Deian Kolev is the writer of the best-seller “The Aura of Bulgaria”. The book made a spiritual /r/evolution. He has a serious number of interviews and analysis in magazines, newspapers and TV shows for the last couple of years. He describes his meetings with the representаtives of the “Sixth race” and their wonders and bioenergetic powers in his book. Kolev talks about the mystic powers that rule the world we live in or we think we live in, aliens, energy battles, magic, multi-universe.