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First “Spiritual Evolution” International Festival

Bulgaria – United Kingdom – Russia

The festival will be held on 27.04.2013 in Sofia.

Sofia, 70A Andrey Saharov blvd. (ex Embassy of Cambodia)
Time: 11:00 to 19:00
Phone: 0888 799 974



11:00 Opening of the festival

11:15 “The Aura of Bulgaria” – Lecture by Deyan Kolev – 45 minute

Presentation of the book “The Aura of Bulgaria” and the energy loads in Bulgaria and the Bulgarian people.

12:00 “Beginning of psychosomatics. The holistic way.” – Lecture by Yurii Sinenko – 45 min.

“If you want to heal the eyes of a person, you have to heal his body. If you want to heal his body, you must heal his soul” – ancient Tracian witchdoctor Zalmoxis.

12:45 “The four energy types in the system of human design and your life” – Lecture by Patrick Farnsworth – 45 min.

  • Your energy type and its according aura.
  • How to manage energy when interfering with others.
  • How to non-verbally communicate with others using your aura.
  • Practical strategies for effective everyday living, health, relations.

Short brake – 15 min.

13:45 “From emotional intelligence to emotional maturity” – Lecture of Veselin Mihaylov – 45 min.

A practical lecture aimed to the physical and emotional portal for invasion in our system. That is the level of integral/whole method, focused towards body and emotional intelligence.

14:30 “Evolution of the aura” – Lecture by Deyan Kolev – 45 min.

Types of Auras. Transition from 7 chakras towards 8-13 chakra system.

Coffee break – 30 min.

15:45 “Bioenergetic self regulation. Eastern traditions” – Lecture by Yurii Sinenko – 45 min.

16:30 “Believe in yourself – a way to enlightenment” – Lecture by Veselin Mihaylov – 45 min.

Presents practical next level lecture of the integral/whole model, pointed towards the portal of the Mind and beyond that.

17:15 “Techniques for energetic defense” – Lecture by Deyan Kolev – 45 min.

Personal energy shields, Mer-Ka-Ba, Bulgarian energy defense

18:00 “Hypnosis and hypotherapy – 21st centyry” – Lecture by Yurii Sinenko – 45 min.

18.45 – Cocktail and celebration program.